Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing Willie and Jessica Lee

Hello! :) I am back from the Honeymoon and relaxing a little today... well sort of... 
I am working on Laundry and trying to get caught up on face book, and my blog lol. :)
So I have been going through my pictures of the wedding 
and thought I would share my favorites with you.
I can't share them all lol, but the highlights are lovely, and they are the best. :)

Getting ready. This is my Friend Sarabeth, 
She did an awesome job with my hair.

Something Old: (My Angel pin From Gram) 
Something New: (My handkerchief and Pearl necklace from Gram and Papa)
Something borrowed: (Pearl Earrings From Mom~ Sheila)
Something Blue: (I made my garter, and it has blue on it.)
And a penny for my shoe for luck: (from Daddy.)

A little bit of elegance...
My sister decorated the tables.
Me and my Cute little Flower Girl,
and my niece. When we gave her, her bouquet 
she kept shaking it...
Later we found out that she wanted to drop petals 
and couldn't figure out why 
the flowers wouldn't work. ;)

Praying together.
This one is Willie's favorite picture. 
Because prayer is important to both of us. :)
The Kiss! :)
 The Receiving line.
Presenting  The  Mr. and  Mrs.
at the reception.

The head table. My sister (the maid of honour)
Did such a beautiful job!
I don't know what I would have done without her! :)
She is the best.
 Our Rings Mine is a matching set and his is made of tungsten.
Our Wedding Cake.
A very dear friend made the cake,
She is just sixteen. And truly has a
Wonderful gift from God. <3
They passed our shoes around at the reception
and this is Jaymz and her boyfriend countin' the money.

the cutting of the cake

A little romance...

The Wedding Party
The girls. :)
 The Guys. :)

Stealing kisses... ;)

My Great looking parents.
Daddy is so handsome,
and Mama is so Beautiful!
A classic picture. :)
Until death do us part...
I never understood the picture until my sister
(who set it up )
says see your hands are connected and the
graves in the background.
putting it that way, I just fell in love with the picture. :)

This may sound vain, but it's not.
I just really like this picture...
there are a lot of pictures of me
I don't like....
like the ones of me sleeping, that my husband likes to take
and won't let me delete. lol
(He thinks I look really cute. <3)

I love the perspective of this picture.
This one makes me think protection.
His name means,  
determined guardian
So I love that I fit into his arms and how he
always makes me feel safe. <3
To those who have watched  Princess Diaries
The 'foot popping kiss' :) :)
I do actually have to stand on tip toe to
kiss him. :) He is
and I am
a whole foot taller than I am!!!! :) :) :)
Quiet moments...
Peaceful moments.
Goofy moments...
Fun Moments.
Romantic Moments...
Sweet Moments.
As always in a wedding nothing goes perfect.
But, this was a blessing!
Just before we had to walk down the isle
our sound system went cu-put
My good friend, (like a brother)
Seth, the one on the left
was able to play while all of us walked down the isle. :)
Stella is our first niece and only niece as of right now.
We truly do love her and were
thrilled that she was our flower girl. :)
The dip.

A moment to rest. <3 from all the whirl windiness of the day. :)

Willie picking some bird seed out of my hair that was sprinkled
prematurely on my head. lol :)

Not sure what was being said just love this picture.
My husband has such a great smile. :) :)

:) :) :)  Our Car  :) :) :)

Well thats a bunch of my favorites.... took me two days to get them loaded.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I had making them ,and up loading them. :)
With love and hugs,