Monday, June 25, 2012

Update: School days

Ok so we have been super busy ... and this last year or I should say almost two years has been quite 
the adventure. as you know 
Willie has been busy with school and has finally made it to the almost end stretch... oh boy. :) 
He will now be entering into his upper division classes which consists of two semesters. 
Now, I'm not sure if its at the end  of this summer before he starts or after he starts, but he 
also has a test called the praxis 2 now it is the second praxis test he has to compete before 
he can move on. hence the name . But he has to pass it. 
This is a KEY point in his education. If he doesn't pass it 
He has to change his major and find a different path... ugh 
not that God can't work through that, or even that God will provide  a job that might be better. It's just all that time, work, stress and effort I have watched my sweet husband go through to make it this far. 
Now the praxis is a series of tests that  grade you on your overall education. 
With the first one it took three tries (on the reading test) and lots of prayer So I'm asking for LOTS of prayer for that upcoming test this fall. 
 The next step in our school adventure is 3 semesters... yep that is how much we have... just three semester or a year and a half and you wont find a prouder wife. :) 
These are the classes that really matter  the "meat" so to speak. it really has been a big adventure to get here. I am so amazed and awed at how we have made it here. Now he hasn't graduated yet and your probably wondering  why I am so over joyed. ...
To get here has been a very hard road for my husband. in 2008 he  had to do an academic fresh start. because of  bad school choices he made at 18  at this point he is working full time at Moller  and taking night classes, Moller lays him off and he starts unemployment. There is a choice ... find work and take never ending night classes, or go to school full time, and utilize his unemployment. We all start praying and we both feel that he needs to go to school full time. The Lord made the unemployment last through the majority of his school and right when we were ready to finish that up the Lord provided a grant that would keep us afloat. :) Next came the summer... no grant money... :(  BUT, he provided a job that is a really a nice job, and if it weren't for school he would continue to work there.  the company is Federal Mogul  and they make brakes... its a factory job, but its still a good job that is gonna help us through the summer. :)
 The Lord is going to provide for us, and help us get through this next little hurdle 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project Run and Play: Flicker Friends Guest Post: Amanda from Double St...

Check out this darling little summer dress. It is so quick and easy... you would be able to whip up a dress in no time. :)

Project Run and Play: Flicker Friends Guest Post: Amanda from Double St...: Welcome Amanda from Double Stitching ! My husband and I have identical twin daughters who turned two this spring and I love making dress...