Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pregnant... :)

hey ... 
 today I thought I would give you a pregnancy update...
although I am  not sure there is much going on lol.
 I can say that I am not nauseous or sick of any kind. which is a blessing.
And Lord willing I will continue to be that way. 
 I watched my poor Sister-in-Law sick practically the whole nine months 
with my dear little niece and I prayed that I wouldn't be... 
We haven't gone to the doctor yet and there is so much that we haven't been able to 
do because of Christmas holidays and weather...
 (I know there was only a few inches, but down here the weather 
stops everyone lol )
Pray that we will be able to get on Tenncare.
It's a program to help low income families with small children and women 
who are pregnant get the care they need. 
And with Willie in school it will be a blessing.
I think we will  try and go tomorrow. :) not sure. :)
Another of the major symptoms I am having is going to the bathroom... 
Willie laughs at me all the time because I will just take off running...
and he usually can guess where lol :)
I have had an increased appetite... lol
and am exhausted all the time... sleep half the day and most of the night.  ;) 
well I better let you go because I am beginning to get a little tired...


...zzzzzzzzzzzz ;)
oh P.S. ... If you were wondering why there is a cute little picture of a pumpkin
I have been calling the baby punkin'  :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas.

Christmas timeis full of surprises...
it can take your breath away, give a twinke to your eye,
a spring to your step...
and lift your spirts high...
A little over a year ago, December 5th, 2009
 I got the best Christmas gift and surprise a
girl can get.
My then boyfriend of almost a year took
my sister her boyfriend, and my best friend miriam
on a weekend trip to Ashville North Carolina
to see the beautiful Christmas light and decorations
of the Victorian Era estate of one of the largest homes in America.
The Biltmore Estate.
Well my darling man also had a few more surprises up his sleeve...
When the moment was right...and the snow was gently falling around us...
my sis and friend... Camera's posed
He asked if I would become his wife...
I thought that I would shaare some pictures of the pretty estate
as a Christmas greeting.
Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is no excepion.... surpises are the order of the day...
can you guess?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Starting Traditions

There is nothing better than starting a tradition.
especially if it is for the newest part of your family.
For our Honeymoon we went to 
Disney world's
Magic Kingdom

  So for our first Christmas we decided  to get a disney  ornament for our tree.

which then led to our decision of getting disney ornaments every year. 
 most of the time they will have the year marked on them.
With special ones in between for special occasions.
There are lots of new traditions we are starting. 
Each one becomes a part of our life together. 
Each one is unique to us. Each one is a wonderful memory
for us to share with our children and grandchildren.
Starting Traditions are a wonderful... well tradition. ;)