Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello... :)
Sorry haven't posted as often as I would like, I have a lot on my plate right now
and it is just beginning to slow down.... 
Wednesdays are becoming a little less busy for me, The choir has stopped for 
the summer season, we still have Sunday mornings, and that will last until June 27'th 
Although we may be cutting it shorter than that- At least for me. :)  
Willie and I are going to be quite busy this summer, with two possible trips
none of which are set in stone, which I would like them to be. :)
The first, I  am truly wanting, but uncertain about... the second
is a trip to Romania. I would not be going, but Willie would....
It cost around  $2400 and it would only be for eight days in July. 
Willie says that he thinks I'll be praying against it... (just kidding)
Because I worry so much..., lol :)
But, I really am praying For God's will,and if thats where he wants my man
I will stand behind him and support him with prayer.
The First trip would be to Montana, in June, It would be to see my family
and have fun, but we are still uncertain, and not really sure we would be able
to go, if the Romania trip works out... :(

We still may go, but less time, 
So you see I have this big struggle.
Wanting to be selfish, tell him he can't go, and we go to Montana.
But that won't work...
That would be disobeying God, cause problems in my relationship with my future hubby,
and be just plain dumb! lol
So I'm praying about it. Giving it to God, and trusting him.
So If you guys could be praying with me, that would be wonderful. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tonight is quiet...

Tonight is quiet.... cant sleep...
worried about stuff, My natural anxieties 
are kicking  in.  
I know I need to give them to God, but its just so hard...
Sometimes I wish life would be easy once in awhile. :) 
But then I guess we wouldn't be as strong as we need to be.
I wonder ... 
Maybe the problems we have  are just guide posts... 
Just ways God uses to keep us on his path.
I know I worry too much, everyone says so.
Where is that line, when we know we should give it to God?
How can we transfer, those issues to God, 
from the files of our  hearts?
God said that He will give only what we can bear
He never said it wouldn't hurt. 
Even though it hurts and our hearts feel, oh so breakable, 
And the tears fall hot and fast on
 the pillow
And life seems chaotic
lonely, and gray,
He never said that he wouldn't be there with us...
Those problems, we face every day 
They are nothing for God, he can Handle them.
He is not turning his back on our problems
We are choosing to face 
and fight without him. 
How many times must we try to Face our problems
When God is right there willing to 
take the heaviness away?
I guess my struggles seem heavy tonight,
And I'm not sure how to give God the ok, to take my burden.
I know I must...
And I know that it has to be done, 
I will break under the weight.
I take this plunge and I give my hearts woes to you my Abba
The lover of my soul, my  mighty conquerer, and  the lifter of my Burdens.
The Freedom we feel in the 
shelter, protection and strength of our Saviour
Tonight is quiet... can't sleep.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sorry... :(

I just wanted to let those that wanted to  comment and couldn't
 It's back up! :) Sorry about that... wanted something a little different,  and the silly thing was being difficult. Oh Well.... 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Missin' Montana....

Have you ever had that intense,
pure sense of homesickness?
Today is one of those days...

I am missing Montana and all of its wonderful, lovely perks....
My Family! :)

Now I, love, LOVE Tennessee, and it's my home, but I have a secret... ;)
shhh... Don't tell anyone....
My heart has two homes on this earth....

The place I was born,and grew up.....
...And the place I fell in love.

Now don't make me choose...
how can I choose between the Rugged, steep, sheer cliffs of the,
rocky mountains of Western Montana and
the rolling, Hazy, Blue, serene, Hills of
the Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee?
The last time I visited I had a great time with my sister. :)
I'm so itchin' for another visit....
Ok... so maybe it's time, to take a road trip.
What you think?
Should I?

But see I have a dilemma....
How can I leave my baby?
I love him so much...
And I would miss him terribly.
Not to mention, my sky's are just cloudy and gray when he's not around.... :(

Trust me, I have a really hard time when he goes away for the weekend, let alone longer...
There was one time we were a part for almost two weeks and
I did OK, but we had only been dating for a month... and my heart wasn't entangled with his.
So this is why I couldn't go without him....

But I am also missing my family very much, ALL of Them,
and a visit would be wonderful....
what to do?.....
what to do?....

I have an Idea!
Shall Willie and I Visit?
Wouldn't that be grand?
Maybe bring a tag along?

maybe someone new?
a person who is close to me, that would be a treat for my
family to meet alongside the man of my dreams?

or maybe an old friend....
someone who would be a treasure for my family?
A person who is dear to me as well.

Either way, it would be a treat for everyone involved. :)

So is it possibly settled?

Maybe? ;)
Let's see...
Now this would be good! :)
Kill several birds with one stone....
I would remedy my homesickness,
I would get to show my man off... and my ring, ;)
and I would be able to see some of the greatest people ever!.

so I guess this will take some considerable thought....
shall we, or shan't we?
I guess we will have to consider it some more...
Consult someone very important and confirm another time.
Thinking abut you,

Yours Truly,

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Widgets... :)

Hey check out my new widgets!.
The top one has to be my favorite!
I love counting down.... to see how much progress
we have made. :)
The second is good too. :)
Got all kinds of quotes. :)

Ramblings... :)

I changed a few things on my blog.... How do you like it?
I have not written for a while. and thought I would let you in on what has been going on lately.
Well, the plans for the wedding are progressing, nicely, but slowly, and I am chomping at the bit. lol .... which is kind of funny, for someone who is a procrastinator at heart and usually puts things off until the last minute, is quite at odds with herself....

Willie's semester at school is going well, he finished up a test this morning and is praying
he did well. :)
My sisters trip to Indonesia is going well, I have gotten to talk with her several times.

My job is ending for the summer (About one month.) The Choir is set up to coincide with the school's schedule.... In other words, we have choir with the exception of spring break, and summer . We will go until June, then start back up in August I believe. It works nicely, because those who are in the choir, orchestra, and band, are there faithfully every Wednesday from 6 to 9 and every Sunday we have to be there by eight. (well I do) With being there "all" the time, you get pretty wore out, and the choir members miss a lot of really great preaching Wednesday nights. :( So Brother Robert, has set up the schedule so the members can have "Family time" It also is a busy time for many because summer vacations and such. so it works nicely. :)

This summer is going to be really Fun! There might possibly be some really great Surprises in store..... But I can't reveal them yet.... I'm getting excited. I just hope others will ;)
And don't try to Worm it out of me... I will not reveal it until its time. :)
Don't Worry its all good. :)

Over the past few weeks I've bought some wedding stuff. mostly just one thing...
our cake stuff.... well not the ingredients... We are making a castle cake for the wedding cake. :)
we found the set at Hobby Lobby for less then we would have payed ordering... :)

Oh a few addtitions to my blog are the links at the top....
I am a huge movie buff. as everyone knows. But, I also know that it is extremely hard to find a decent movie that the WHOLE family can watch. So I did a little research. :)
Now some of them I have tried and others I haven't.
We shall go Alphabetically.

A & E Website. It's also the history Channels website too.
I can say that A and E makes some pretty good movies..... :)
(Pride and prejudice; Emma; Horatio Hornblower; e ....)
Some of their movie are inappropriate and so you must read what the story line is about before you purchase the movie. I have the romantic collection volumes 1 and 2, but sad to say there was some that just plain shocked me! (What do you expect from Hollywood?) They do have a lot of Adventure movies and they make a lot of movies from the classics, so that is fun, and of course.... they do a lot of British accents (Yay! so in love with that accent.... :) )
The History Channel, is one of my favorite channels to watch... along with food network, diy!, hgtv and all that. (Bunny trail.... ;) ) They do sell alot of biographies, and all kinds of documentaries on all sorts of stuff, and it is fun to watch.... I love discovering new things. :) But again, you have to be careful, because they there is no grantee on the content... you just have to go and review or stick with the subjects that are "safe"

The next one, is... The movie Reviews. I have two movie review links... one to dove, and the other to plugged in... I have tried both, and they are both good. :) I guess its just preference here. :)

Hallmark movie list: I have placed a link to a movie list for EVERY Hallmark movie... it starts in the fifties - today. :)
Now, again, there is a warning with some of their movies....
Pretty much with all the websites I have linked to that are movies and the choice is yours.... some of the movies could be suited for older, some not at all and some for younger... :)
I thought it would be nice to have a collection of links that help navigate to the easiest choices. :)

The next two are Sullivan entertainment, and PBS... They both make good movies.
I really enjoy Sullivan Entertainments because they sell Road to Avonlea, and Anne of Green gables. But they also have other family movies...
(In a way they are Canada's version of Hallmark.)

One of my Favorites is Turner classic Movies
I simply love it because they carry the classics... the black and white movies I just love to watch. :)

I Also included three Christian movie websites.... :) So that way you can get the
really great clean movies... with Christian values. I have used vision video before and was satisfied. :) :) Oh I almost forgot... Family Values Video... It has a really nice selection of dvds and videos... (mostly the wonder works movies... the ones I grew up watching. )
So hope you have a great evening

your truly,