Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello... :)
Sorry haven't posted as often as I would like, I have a lot on my plate right now
and it is just beginning to slow down.... 
Wednesdays are becoming a little less busy for me, The choir has stopped for 
the summer season, we still have Sunday mornings, and that will last until June 27'th 
Although we may be cutting it shorter than that- At least for me. :)  
Willie and I are going to be quite busy this summer, with two possible trips
none of which are set in stone, which I would like them to be. :)
The first, I  am truly wanting, but uncertain about... the second
is a trip to Romania. I would not be going, but Willie would....
It cost around  $2400 and it would only be for eight days in July. 
Willie says that he thinks I'll be praying against it... (just kidding)
Because I worry so much..., lol :)
But, I really am praying For God's will,and if thats where he wants my man
I will stand behind him and support him with prayer.
The First trip would be to Montana, in June, It would be to see my family
and have fun, but we are still uncertain, and not really sure we would be able
to go, if the Romania trip works out... :(

We still may go, but less time, 
So you see I have this big struggle.
Wanting to be selfish, tell him he can't go, and we go to Montana.
But that won't work...
That would be disobeying God, cause problems in my relationship with my future hubby,
and be just plain dumb! lol
So I'm praying about it. Giving it to God, and trusting him.
So If you guys could be praying with me, that would be wonderful. :)

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