Saturday, May 8, 2010

Missin' Montana....

Have you ever had that intense,
pure sense of homesickness?
Today is one of those days...

I am missing Montana and all of its wonderful, lovely perks....
My Family! :)

Now I, love, LOVE Tennessee, and it's my home, but I have a secret... ;)
shhh... Don't tell anyone....
My heart has two homes on this earth....

The place I was born,and grew up.....
...And the place I fell in love.

Now don't make me choose...
how can I choose between the Rugged, steep, sheer cliffs of the,
rocky mountains of Western Montana and
the rolling, Hazy, Blue, serene, Hills of
the Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee?
The last time I visited I had a great time with my sister. :)
I'm so itchin' for another visit....
Ok... so maybe it's time, to take a road trip.
What you think?
Should I?

But see I have a dilemma....
How can I leave my baby?
I love him so much...
And I would miss him terribly.
Not to mention, my sky's are just cloudy and gray when he's not around.... :(

Trust me, I have a really hard time when he goes away for the weekend, let alone longer...
There was one time we were a part for almost two weeks and
I did OK, but we had only been dating for a month... and my heart wasn't entangled with his.
So this is why I couldn't go without him....

But I am also missing my family very much, ALL of Them,
and a visit would be wonderful....
what to do?.....
what to do?....

I have an Idea!
Shall Willie and I Visit?
Wouldn't that be grand?
Maybe bring a tag along?

maybe someone new?
a person who is close to me, that would be a treat for my
family to meet alongside the man of my dreams?

or maybe an old friend....
someone who would be a treasure for my family?
A person who is dear to me as well.

Either way, it would be a treat for everyone involved. :)

So is it possibly settled?

Maybe? ;)
Let's see...
Now this would be good! :)
Kill several birds with one stone....
I would remedy my homesickness,
I would get to show my man off... and my ring, ;)
and I would be able to see some of the greatest people ever!.

so I guess this will take some considerable thought....
shall we, or shan't we?
I guess we will have to consider it some more...
Consult someone very important and confirm another time.
Thinking abut you,

Yours Truly,


  1. Oh, yes, please, oh, please do come up to MT!!! We'd love to see you and Willie too!

  2. beautiful pictures!

  3. Oh, that sounds fun!! Do! I would love to meet you!

  4. I want to meet you too. :)There are so many "new" family members to meet that I just am plain excited to come! :)


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