Monday, June 27, 2011

Neely's Chicken Salad in Tomato Cups on the Food Network

This sounds so very good. And I can actually have this one lol :)

Maybe I should  stop watching food network... lol 
I keep finding food I like. 

White Chocolate Mousse with Cranberry Sauce on the Food Network

This looks so very yummy! :) can't wait until I am not pregnant to try this...
may even fudge a little and try it before. :)
... As long as my sugar is fine I can try a little. :)
It definitely gives you ideas on how to serve it...
Also, I read on the comments
that If you do not like cranberry sauce, 
try making a raspberry sauce...
or any type of berry sauce. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Bells... again... :)

On June 18th, 2011
My little sister, the last of us three kids got married.
 Not only that, but she is moving away... :'(
But hopefully  this will get us traveling back and forth
So we can take "Mini vacations" and get to visit.
She was a Beautiful Bride, and the wedding was 
very good. :) 
Very enjoyable. :)