Friday, March 26, 2010

101 Things I Love About My man

Willie once asked me, why I love him, and there are so many little things that make us love our significant other. We just can't put our finger on that one thing. Its like that country song by The Zac Brown band,
Because every time i try and tell him how i feel It comes out "i love you"
So, Over the past few months, I have been compiling
a list of 100 things I love about my Man.
Things that make me fall in love with him every day. :)

#1: I love his blue-green eyes,and how hey always have a twinkle in them.
#2: I love his smile. :)
#3: I love the way my hand fits inside his.
#4: I love his laugh he has when he finds something particularly funny. :-D
#5: When he is trying to get me to smile at him he winks at me, I love that. ;)
#6: I love when I'm thinking about him, and then he will txt me out of the blue.
#7: I love that he is only 6'3" and I am 5'2". :)
#8: I love his hugs.
#9: I love his kisses.
#10: I love it when He calls/txts me in the morning to tell me he loves me.
#11: I love it when He calls/txts me to tell me goodnight.
#12: When one of my "bubbles" pops he is right there telling me its going to be OK. I love that.
#13: I Love that He is The Shoulder I can Cry on.
#14: I Love that he is more STUBBORN then Me.
#15: I Love that when we go out to eat, he will reach over, take my hand, and pray for the meal
#16: I love that he opens doors for me. <3
#17: I love that he likes the way I look without makeup.
#18: I love his game of "I Win." (And how he trys to spin it so I win, by coming up with this nonsensical equation that equals I win too, because I'm his and that means that I Win too :) <3)
#19: I Love that He lets me pick out the restaurant when we go out to eat.
#20: I love that I Feel Protected in his arms. <3
#21: No matter how mad at him I am, He can melt my heart with just a word, or touch. I Love this. (Although this does put me at a disadvantage Lol He can get away with a lot of stuff ;) Lol )
#22: I Love that he shares his PS3 and TV with me. (Lol, Big Sacrifice, He's a gamer and the TV is a 46" Hi Definition TV. :) Lol )
#23: I Love that He likes my friends and wants to hang out with them.
#24: I love that He is a Godly man and wants to get involved with our church. :)
#25: I love how he encourages me to get involved with the Church.
#26: I love that he likes my family, and wants to get to know them (Even the ones he has never met)
#27: I love his Ears ;)
#28: I Love that He lets me take naps on Sunday Afternoons.
#29: I Love that He is my is my Heater. (Mom, I understand why you married Dad. Lol[inside joke] Mom used to tell us kids that is why she married dad. :) lol)
#30: I Love that he tickles me until I can't breathe anymore. (I am extremely ticklish)
#31: I love that he makes me laugh.
#32: I love his ability to not let things ruin his happiness by worrying about them.
#33: I Love that He sees me as Beautiful.
#34: I love that I can see what he is thinking by looking into his eyes. :)
#35: I Love how he whispers in my ear.
#36: I Love that he he doesn't change just because I want him to. (He is not afraid to be who he is.)
#37: I love how my hand fits perfectly inside his.
#38: I Love that He surprises me.
#39: When He has been Gone all weekend, he tells me he missed me, and "Why would I stay longer, when I have someone this beautiful to come home to. :) " I love that.
#40: I Love that I can talk to him about anything.
#41: I love that I can be me around him. :)
#42: I love that he encourages me to be a better person.
#43: I Love that he is my Best Friend.
#44: I Love that he believes in me.
#45: I love the way he apologizes when he has been mean... :) (Teasing me TOO much)
#46: I love How every once in a while he will bring me flowers.
#47: When we are holding hands and I pull my hand away to use it, he doesn't let go. I love that. :)
#48: I love that sometimes when we are praying, he reaches for my hand.
#49: I love it that he txts me sometimes when he can't sleep. <3>
#50: Sometimes He will ask me if I want him to turn his video games off, and do something with me. :)
#51: I love his game of..."Pretend to kiss Jessica, but pull away, before he actually does..." (its the grin and giggling I love.)
#52: I love to watch him sword fight.
#53: I love watching him work on chain mail. (He makes chain mail jewelry, and he is working on a suit of armour )
#54: I love how he "protects" me from Internet (video games) Pirates, dragons, creatures, monsters,and terrorist. [his justification, for playing video games. Lol that he is protecting me from the bad guys by fighting them on the games. ]
#55: I love that he respects my parents
#56: I love that he comes and gets me sometimes, even when he doesn't have to.
#57: I love that he talks stuff over with me.
#58: I love that my "girl stuff" doesn't bother him. (Books, movies, etc.)
#59: I love how he included my family and friends in the planning and the actual part wen he proposed. :) <3
#60: I love his sense of humor.
#61: He enjoys having fun, I love that.
#62: I love that he comforts me when something is wrong
#63: I love how he will play card games and board games with me and my sister.
#64: When we have the chance, we read or bibles together during breakfast, or in the evening "like an old married couple". I love that. ;)
#65: I love that he will let me borrow his car, even if he may need it, or want it. :)
#66: I love those moments when he just wants to hold me and never let me go...
#67: I love how he wants to take care of and provide for me.
#68: I love the way he can't take his eyes off me... (we are across a room and we look at each other, time just stands still.)
#69: I love it when he tells me, "Your not pretty... your beautiful." <3>
#70: I love it when He says "I need to go..." But stays an hour longer. :)
#71: I Love that He is the only Man I have ever kissed. :-*
#72: I Love how every once in a while he will stay until midnight, just talking, because we want to talk.
#73: When something is wrong, He will let me be quiet, until I am ready to talk. I really love that. :)
#74: I love that our Favorite Movies are Ever After, Princess Bride, and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. (Yay! Don't have to watch them Alone any more. :) Lol)
#75: I love that He is my "Determined Gaurdian" (That He is Protecting me.)
#76: I Love it When He hangs out at my House.
#77: I Love that He Faithfully picks up me up Every Sunday, Wednesdays, And any other days I work.
#78: I Love the Cards He gives me, the time he puts into them, and every thought he sends of Love
#79: I love that He is my "Diffuser" He will calm me down, when I am mad at someone.
#80: I Love that He is determined to finish school.
#81: I Love that He saw Who I was and recognized me for it. (Jane Eyre Reference)
#82: He is Respectful to people, I Love that.
#83: He helps me to see the Whole picture, not just the End result. I Love that. :)
#84: I Love that He wants to reach people for Christ.
#85: I Love that he doesn't mind my figure, He loves me just the way God made me. :)
#86: I love that he listens to me, even when I am talking about nothing at all.
#87: I Love that He is Really patient with me.
#88: He does not Allow me to dwell on stuff... Self pity I Love this.
#89: I Love that He took me out for Valentines day, and let me choose even though he wanted a Steak House, And I chose Red Lobster.
#90: I love that He bought my parent's a gift card, so they could eat out at Red Lobster so they could eat out for Valentines day.
#91: I Love how He will spontaneously txt me just to say "I Love you"
#92: I Love his "I'm so innocent look" :)
#93: I Love tat He takes care of Me When I am Sick.
#94: I Love it when He dances with me.
#95: I Love How He will surprise me with a kiss. :-*
#96: I I Love that He will let me clean out his car,and not fuss because I am "messing up his 'bachelor' style"
#97: I love that I have His Heart for keeps.
#98: I Love How He Will come up behind me while I am doing dishes and give me a hug..
#99: I Love that we communicate, that we talk about things Good and Bad, that we don't just let things go or slide. If Something is bothering us or we are disturbed about something, We will discuss it, not just leave it until it turns in to "the elephant in the room"
#100: I Love that He will snuggle on the couch with me, and watch a movie with me.
#101: But Most of All my Absolute favorite thing, the thing I love the most is, that He Loved me so much he asked me to spend the rest of my life by his side. that he asked me to be his wife. He is everything I could ask for in a husband, I wouldn't change a thing.
His Response was Beautiful... I had to share it.
"You have Been Sending me Messages about why you love me,
But there is only one Reason, Why
I Love You.
It is because God sent me you, to Help me and keep me on paths that
I need to be on. I am so thankful that He sent me my Beautiful Eve,and I am so thankful that She said YES.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ramblings... :)

Hey Guys, sorry I haven't written in a few day... :(
I know, excuses... I still have to get my post up about my flowers
and I really am still reading Sense and Sensibility, it was just put on hold for a few days...
Willie moved this week, and I've been helping him get things back in order... Lol so anyway... I should have a couple new posts up one of these days...
Although I am learning all about guest list making... boy oh boy is it hard...
talk about complicated... My family was easy. His, well sort of. But our church? Normally I would just send an invite to the whole church, but the services average, about Fifteen Hundred to, Two Thousand people on any given Sunday, so that won't work...
So trying to track down the list of people who we want to come, so they can write down the information is interesting. I think we have a few more people to get, but hopefully we will not have too many more...
Not that we "don't like" anybody else, we just don't want a huge wedding... so the trek to seek out wedding guest continues and hopefully I will complete it with out stressing out too much. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wedding Veils... So many Choices... What to Do?

I have been Look At veils today, trying to envision what veil I would look best in :)
But I am having a little difficulty...
If you want, leave a comment on what you think.
I would love the input.
Thanks, Jess
This is the pattern (Its McCall's 3508 Alicyn Exclusives)I am looking at now, They sell it at Hancock Fabrics
a fabric store where I live. I am not sure if it would work and am still in the thinking stage, bu would enjoy your opinion. :)

These are some of my Favorite styles, they always have been, but again still in the thinking stage, and would love to hear from you guys. :)

Now I think that There are a lot of women Who look Good in these type of veils...

...But I am not sure they are for me, I think there is too much Fluff and too many frills.

Sweet, Adorable, Lovable Jenny, One of my Dearest Friends.
She was such a beautiful Bride, She chose to wear a Bird Cage veil ...
And she looks absolutely fabulous in it.
Again I Think lots of women look Gorgeous in them, but I'm not sure its for me, I mean, I do not think it matches my style. Although my wedding will have a tiny bit of a twenties flair. the guys are going to wear fedoras and have dressy vests and ties. I told Willie, they would look like the mafia and he went for it Lol, otherwise I couldn't get him to decide on anything I showed him :-p

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Willie's Bubble Theory

Willie has this theory, it's actually a pretty good theory and it describes me very well.
I worry about everything, even things that are really ok on their own, but because of this I panic over very trivial things its just plain silly half the time.and the other half, well I really shouldn't worry, because God's got it under control. :)
OK here's the Theory:
Jessica is in a bubble
and she has put everything around her in a bubble.
And these bubbles are her way of organizing her life. Anyway,
When ever one of these bubbles pop,
she panics!
Never mind that it has in no way harmed her bubble,
or even dented, scratched, or gashed the surface. It still messed with "her bubbles"
Now keep in mind, that I worry about everything,
so in my mind it affects me when something is out of place.
Now in order for a "bubble" to pop something must go wrong, or turn up missing,
or just plain does NOT work out
I have gotten considerably better at not panicking
but for someone who worries, thats like telling them to not breathe lol
In other words, I feel like that yellow fish in Finding Nemo
You know the one that is always going after the bubbles
"Bubbles... bubbles, bubbles, My Bubbles"
So Now you know what I am talking about when I say a bubble popped. ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

"First Impressions" My love of all things Jane Austen ;)

I am attempting to read all of the works by Jane Austin... wish me luck. :)

Jane Austen
b.December 16, 1775
d. July 18, 1817
She only wrote six major novels and three minor novels, two of which are unfinished (because of sickness, then eventually death).
~Sense and Sensibility~
~Pride and Prejudice~
~Mansfield Park~
~Northanger Abby~
(published posthumously)
(published posthumously)
She also wrote a few minor works here and there. the ones I found on Wikipedia Were:
~Love and Friendship~
~The Beautiful Cassandra~
~The History of England~
~The Watson s ~

She started writing when she was young, just a teenager, and worked through out her life as an author of little repute.
She chose to publish her books anonymously which never amounted to much fame or recognition for herself, She was only really known to the literary until her family, in the form of her nephew collectively published the book A Memoir of Jane Austen, This Brought her work to a wider audience. Her books have become increasingly popular since, and have established her As a classic Literary Author to many. :)