Friday, March 19, 2010

Wedding Veils... So many Choices... What to Do?

I have been Look At veils today, trying to envision what veil I would look best in :)
But I am having a little difficulty...
If you want, leave a comment on what you think.
I would love the input.
Thanks, Jess
This is the pattern (Its McCall's 3508 Alicyn Exclusives)I am looking at now, They sell it at Hancock Fabrics
a fabric store where I live. I am not sure if it would work and am still in the thinking stage, bu would enjoy your opinion. :)

These are some of my Favorite styles, they always have been, but again still in the thinking stage, and would love to hear from you guys. :)

Now I think that There are a lot of women Who look Good in these type of veils...

...But I am not sure they are for me, I think there is too much Fluff and too many frills.

Sweet, Adorable, Lovable Jenny, One of my Dearest Friends.
She was such a beautiful Bride, She chose to wear a Bird Cage veil ...
And she looks absolutely fabulous in it.
Again I Think lots of women look Gorgeous in them, but I'm not sure its for me, I mean, I do not think it matches my style. Although my wedding will have a tiny bit of a twenties flair. the guys are going to wear fedoras and have dressy vests and ties. I told Willie, they would look like the mafia and he went for it Lol, otherwise I couldn't get him to decide on anything I showed him :-p

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  1. I think you would look stunning in any of them Jess! I've seen a veil that looked very much like the first one only they used a flat lace to trim it out instead of was so pretty and very much has a 1920's look to it. If you have time, please send me an email/Facebook about your wedding plans (you know how much I love that stuff) and what colors, styles and dress ideas!!! PLEASE:o)! Also if you like I can send you a few links for wedding that have been done with a vintage (20's/30's) vibe! Love you!


Thank you for all of your Lovely comments. ^_^