Monday, March 15, 2010

"First Impressions" My love of all things Jane Austen ;)

I am attempting to read all of the works by Jane Austin... wish me luck. :)

Jane Austen
b.December 16, 1775
d. July 18, 1817
She only wrote six major novels and three minor novels, two of which are unfinished (because of sickness, then eventually death).
~Sense and Sensibility~
~Pride and Prejudice~
~Mansfield Park~
~Northanger Abby~
(published posthumously)
(published posthumously)
She also wrote a few minor works here and there. the ones I found on Wikipedia Were:
~Love and Friendship~
~The Beautiful Cassandra~
~The History of England~
~The Watson s ~

She started writing when she was young, just a teenager, and worked through out her life as an author of little repute.
She chose to publish her books anonymously which never amounted to much fame or recognition for herself, She was only really known to the literary until her family, in the form of her nephew collectively published the book A Memoir of Jane Austen, This Brought her work to a wider audience. Her books have become increasingly popular since, and have established her As a classic Literary Author to many. :)


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