Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well today is Sunday, and since I don't have to work this morning, I figured I would take some time to tell you guys whats going on in my life. :)
I work on Sundays... Well sort of. Our church does mostly volunteer work for child care, but they hire workers to work, the choir schedule, and any extra hours that come up, like the Sunday school teacher training, or the Valentines Banquet. So, this is a typical Sunday morning for me:. :)
My Alarm goes off at 6 am, and I usually end up getting up at 6:30, because I hit snooze twice.(rarely do I ever get up willingly in winter, our house is too cold, and its too dark :-p) Then I have to be ready to go out the door by 7:30, otherwise Willie will make faces at me. :-p (I think it's the procrastinator in me.) Anyway we head out the door and we drive the twenty minutes to church. When I get there Willie and I part ways for the first part of the service... I take care of three or four lovable, rowdy, noisy, typical boys and three or four very sweet, sometimes rowdy, fun little girls.And Willie goes off to Choir, then I take them up to their classes at nine. I head over to my Sunday school class, which I love, and wait for ten to twenty minutes, (About, 90% of my class is in choir) until the worship service is let out. :) At ten thirty, we go to second service, and listen to a great sermon. (Brother Jimmy always gives a good sermon.)
After church lets out we either go the the college luncheon and then Amtgaurd or we go to Amtgaurd straight away Let Me Explain Amtgaurd... Well, most of you don't know what it is, but I will try to explain... In simple terms, Its a bunch of people getting together, to "fight" each other with foam weapons.And that's exactly what it is, But with a twist, most of them wear, medieval garb, and they all sword fight... I know it sounds weird, but Its actually very fun to watch, and Willie enjoys it, (That's why, If anyone is interested, I have the tiger lilies at the top, that's Willie's Amtgaurd name "Tiger Lilly" I know, a guy challenged him to a duel, for names, when they first started, and he lost, so the guy got to give him his name. lol. He just never changed it. )
After we are done there we go to lunch. By this time I am starving.... They usually don't get out until 1:30 or 2, and I usually don't eat breakfast, so by then, my stomach is getting grumpy with me We hangout at his house after lunch until around four, (He plays his video games and I usually either watch a movie, or play on the computer.)
Then we head back over to the church and teach Bible drills. It's a Bible memory program we volunteered to teach.We work with the 1st-3rd grades. We are working on Romans 10:9 so far we have gotten the old testament down, and working on the new (We are learning the books) We have Genesis 1:31; Joshua 24:24; Psalm 56:3; Psalm 119:11 And a few others I cannot remember off the top of my head. (I know a teacher should remember them lol ) That lasts until we go to evening service, or sometimes we skip that and go hang out at his Mom or Dad's or go play games with Jayme.
So this is my typical Sunday, and believe it or not, its my fullest day. It seems like I never stop on these days I just keep going... so I guess I better sign off and finish getting ready ;)
Love Jess

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