Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Willie's Bubble Theory

Willie has this theory, it's actually a pretty good theory and it describes me very well.
I worry about everything, even things that are really ok on their own, but because of this I panic over very trivial things its just plain silly half the time.and the other half, well I really shouldn't worry, because God's got it under control. :)
OK here's the Theory:
Jessica is in a bubble
and she has put everything around her in a bubble.
And these bubbles are her way of organizing her life. Anyway,
When ever one of these bubbles pop,
she panics!
Never mind that it has in no way harmed her bubble,
or even dented, scratched, or gashed the surface. It still messed with "her bubbles"
Now keep in mind, that I worry about everything,
so in my mind it affects me when something is out of place.
Now in order for a "bubble" to pop something must go wrong, or turn up missing,
or just plain does NOT work out
I have gotten considerably better at not panicking
but for someone who worries, thats like telling them to not breathe lol
In other words, I feel like that yellow fish in Finding Nemo
You know the one that is always going after the bubbles
"Bubbles... bubbles, bubbles, My Bubbles"
So Now you know what I am talking about when I say a bubble popped. ;)

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