Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ramblings... :)

I changed a few things on my blog.... How do you like it?
I have not written for a while. and thought I would let you in on what has been going on lately.
Well, the plans for the wedding are progressing, nicely, but slowly, and I am chomping at the bit. lol .... which is kind of funny, for someone who is a procrastinator at heart and usually puts things off until the last minute, is quite at odds with herself....

Willie's semester at school is going well, he finished up a test this morning and is praying
he did well. :)
My sisters trip to Indonesia is going well, I have gotten to talk with her several times.

My job is ending for the summer (About one month.) The Choir is set up to coincide with the school's schedule.... In other words, we have choir with the exception of spring break, and summer . We will go until June, then start back up in August I believe. It works nicely, because those who are in the choir, orchestra, and band, are there faithfully every Wednesday from 6 to 9 and every Sunday we have to be there by eight. (well I do) With being there "all" the time, you get pretty wore out, and the choir members miss a lot of really great preaching Wednesday nights. :( So Brother Robert, has set up the schedule so the members can have "Family time" It also is a busy time for many because summer vacations and such. so it works nicely. :)

This summer is going to be really Fun! There might possibly be some really great Surprises in store..... But I can't reveal them yet.... I'm getting excited. I just hope others will ;)
And don't try to Worm it out of me... I will not reveal it until its time. :)
Don't Worry its all good. :)

Over the past few weeks I've bought some wedding stuff. mostly just one thing...
our cake stuff.... well not the ingredients... We are making a castle cake for the wedding cake. :)
we found the set at Hobby Lobby for less then we would have payed ordering... :)

Oh a few addtitions to my blog are the links at the top....
I am a huge movie buff. as everyone knows. But, I also know that it is extremely hard to find a decent movie that the WHOLE family can watch. So I did a little research. :)
Now some of them I have tried and others I haven't.
We shall go Alphabetically.

A & E Website. It's also the history Channels website too.
I can say that A and E makes some pretty good movies..... :)
(Pride and prejudice; Emma; Horatio Hornblower; e ....)
Some of their movie are inappropriate and so you must read what the story line is about before you purchase the movie. I have the romantic collection volumes 1 and 2, but sad to say there was some that just plain shocked me! (What do you expect from Hollywood?) They do have a lot of Adventure movies and they make a lot of movies from the classics, so that is fun, and of course.... they do a lot of British accents (Yay! so in love with that accent.... :) )
The History Channel, is one of my favorite channels to watch... along with food network, diy!, hgtv and all that. (Bunny trail.... ;) ) They do sell alot of biographies, and all kinds of documentaries on all sorts of stuff, and it is fun to watch.... I love discovering new things. :) But again, you have to be careful, because they there is no grantee on the content... you just have to go and review or stick with the subjects that are "safe"

The next one, is... The movie Reviews. I have two movie review links... one to dove, and the other to plugged in... I have tried both, and they are both good. :) I guess its just preference here. :)

Hallmark movie list: I have placed a link to a movie list for EVERY Hallmark movie... it starts in the fifties - today. :)
Now, again, there is a warning with some of their movies....
Pretty much with all the websites I have linked to that are movies and the choice is yours.... some of the movies could be suited for older, some not at all and some for younger... :)
I thought it would be nice to have a collection of links that help navigate to the easiest choices. :)

The next two are Sullivan entertainment, and PBS... They both make good movies.
I really enjoy Sullivan Entertainments because they sell Road to Avonlea, and Anne of Green gables. But they also have other family movies...
(In a way they are Canada's version of Hallmark.)

One of my Favorites is Turner classic Movies
I simply love it because they carry the classics... the black and white movies I just love to watch. :)

I Also included three Christian movie websites.... :) So that way you can get the
really great clean movies... with Christian values. I have used vision video before and was satisfied. :) :) Oh I almost forgot... Family Values Video... It has a really nice selection of dvds and videos... (mostly the wonder works movies... the ones I grew up watching. )
So hope you have a great evening

your truly,

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