Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girl Night! :) :)

Girls night... ;)
My Friend Miriam, is over for the night, and We intend to have an old fashioned movie night...
For Supper, We are Having...
Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
I Got this recipe from a Cookbook, my Mom got from my Aunt for Christmas one year... And Guys love tis because it has protein from both the cheese and the meat. Here is the recipe:

Take Two pieces of Bread (Your Choice)
Spread Mayonnaise on both slices and butter the other side...
put your favorite cheese, or a mixture of different cheeses on one slice.
Next place a layer of tomatoes on,
a layer of lunch meat,
and a layer of cheese again.
place the other slice of bread on top of that.
(Remember not to build a Dagwood, you still have to grill this)
If you didn't butter the bread, don't fret.
You can always stick a little bit of Butter on the griddle or pan,
make sure the pan is Hot, because the bread will get soggy, and the cheese won't melt... lol
(I do this one all the time... I never could grill a cheese sandwich right until last year sometime... lol) .

So there you go!a yummy recipe that is easy, quick and delicious. :)

Now on to other matters... ;)
Guys do not have the capability to simply enjoy certain movies.
We Girls, love to watch, Sappy, Mushy, Romantic, and Tragic movies.
We love to cheer for the good guy, we love to see fainting,
We love the young dashing prince, practically swoon ourselves lol .
We love to Cry,
and we love it when the evil villain of the movie gets his just desserts.
So speaking, we have picked a few movies that
Exemplify exactly the type of movies we are talking about..

Northanger Abby
I borrowed this from a friend at Church, But this is definitely a buy on my list. :)
Great Movie! :)

Mansfeild Park
I own this Movie and love it. :) Mom Bought it for my Birthday. I had seen it before, just wanted to see it again deffinately worth a look. :)

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