Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow...

Hello! :) I know, I haven't posted in awhile, Kinda been busy... I know, that's no excuse. So I thought I would update you on the wedding plans... still haven't quite got the guest list figured out. Getting there though. :)
I have been trying to figure out my flowers... which is harder then it looks, or at least for me.
First off you have to figure out what type of wedding your going to have... the "Vibe" the feeling people get while attending... Anybody who knows me, knows for some unknown reason, I have made it my life long goal to study weddings and know precisely what I wanted. In other words I was obsessed... lol
Anyway the Victorians believed that flowers have a large amount of significance and meaning in the type and color you chose of your flowers. Some are for Mourning, Some For Luck, others are Friendship, Admiration, Flattery, Beauty, "Love at First Sight" And there is Even one that represents Jealousy... Yep, Flowers are worth a thousand emotions.
When I first started to look at flowers I thought... Yeah You Guessed it! ROSES, roses absolutely everywhere... But Have you seen the price of Roses lately?
My Stars, you could go into debt just by buying enough flowers for a twelve person wedding party... But they sure are gorgeous... And the Rose has always been my favorite flower. *Sigh*
I was determined to find a decent price on my roses... and trust me I looked, and searched Hi and low, but alas, the Victory would not be mine... :( *Sigh, Gulp, sigh* At one point I thought I had found the best deal... I had searched under the same key words before... the same everything and there it was... two great websites:
I thought oh great my flowers... And there they were *Squeal giggle laugh*Deep red Roses, and Gorgeous white Calla Lillies I was excited, and floating on cloud nine... which ended with a thud and direct meeting with the ground. Price tag? : $750.00 Even if that was everything we got in the way of flowers, and all, we couldn't afford it. that was way over the flower budget... And believe me I tried... Willie finally told that it was OK if I didn't get them. (His way of Assuring me. I was disappointed and a really big bubble had popped and he, as always was there, to make sure I was gonna be fine.)
So back to the drawing board.... I read books from the library, I checked websites, and I scoured all of Tennessee in search of roses. I even asked friends if they knew of anywhere that they sold roses at a good price. "Nope, sorry we don't wish we could help..."
A friend suggested that I get a couple dozen roses and just use them in the bouquets. But with the roses being no where else I just couldn't bring myself to do that...
(I am ocd when it comes to organizational things, they have to be a certain thing, or way... because it really drives me crazy if they are not lol :-D) I know bad trait, and Thank you Lord for sending me someone who is easy going on this, because he makes me RELAX... lol
Now I gave up and started looking at different flowers...
I found a really great book by the "Knot weddings" team.
It tells all about all kinds of flowers and what type of price range, and all that good stuff. (I found out that My Mom got an awesome Blessing from God, because she didn't pay a dime on her flowers and Lilacs are Expensive... She literally had Buckets of them everywhere, lol they are in the top of "priceyness" lol)
I Was Cleaning One day, and ran across one of Mom's seed catalogs (She is quite the gardener) and started flipping through it... For learning purpose.... ;) ok, ok it's procrastination, pure and simple lol :) They had a section on cut flowers *Epiphany* Lets just grow the flowers... "MOM! Can we.... " She said we could try, this summer she is growing them and we shall see how well they are blooming in July...
(It truly is a blessing to have a 15 month timetable to work with. )
She and I sat down together, and picked out two very beautiful Daises types, plus Gerbera Daises .
The "Cherry Brandy" is in the Aster/ Daisy family, its similar types are Black Eyed Susans, Gloriosa Daisy, and Yellow Oxeye Daisy. They are a deep red, and have a "chocolate center" which is good because I didn't want the Bright Yellow... It would clash with my (Burgundy color theme)
And the "Asti White" is actually an African Daisy. It's white or near white, with a dark, dark purple center, Again this is really great because It doesn't clash with my colors.
So there you have it ...
My Adventures so far with the flowers for the wedding. :)
I know this sounds really weird, but could you guys please Keep the flowers in your prayers... I intend to try and find a back up plan if necessary, but would prefer to go with this, because of sentimental reasons and it also cuts the expenses to a fraction of the price.
Which is so buget friendly! lol :)
I found some really great pictures on the internet of daisies in wedding bouquets that just inspired me to go with the daises completely... So Enjoy! :)

I have placed Links on Both pictures, below that will take you to websites that sell these seed, If any are interested in them. :) You may need to shop around for the best prices,
But These are starters. :)
The Name of the Flowers are:
Rudbeckia: "Cherry Brandy" AND Osteospernum: "Asti Whites"
"Justice" And "Innocence and Loyal Love"


  1. Love your pictures Jess. I didn't know these flowers had meanings. Is that their meanings?

  2. Yeah. :) I looked them up last night. My favorite is "Loyal Love" <3

  3. So fun Jess! Gerber daisies are really popular around here for wedings, so I've seen a lot of them used in weddings and they are just beautiful! Your wedding is going to be so pretty!

  4. Oh, yes, here's and idea...there is a BIG cutting garden here in Moscow and that's were a LOT of brides get their wedding flowers at a super low price. Maybe there is a cutting garden somewhere down there within driving distance? Anyway, may be worth a look!

  5. Thank you Rayia... Considering we Live in the south that shouldn't be a problem lol thank you for The heads up. :) I'm going to try and keep everyone updated as We go along. So keep checking back with me, and I will try and let peoples know more. :)


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