Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tonight is quiet...

Tonight is quiet.... cant sleep...
worried about stuff, My natural anxieties 
are kicking  in.  
I know I need to give them to God, but its just so hard...
Sometimes I wish life would be easy once in awhile. :) 
But then I guess we wouldn't be as strong as we need to be.
I wonder ... 
Maybe the problems we have  are just guide posts... 
Just ways God uses to keep us on his path.
I know I worry too much, everyone says so.
Where is that line, when we know we should give it to God?
How can we transfer, those issues to God, 
from the files of our  hearts?
God said that He will give only what we can bear
He never said it wouldn't hurt. 
Even though it hurts and our hearts feel, oh so breakable, 
And the tears fall hot and fast on
 the pillow
And life seems chaotic
lonely, and gray,
He never said that he wouldn't be there with us...
Those problems, we face every day 
They are nothing for God, he can Handle them.
He is not turning his back on our problems
We are choosing to face 
and fight without him. 
How many times must we try to Face our problems
When God is right there willing to 
take the heaviness away?
I guess my struggles seem heavy tonight,
And I'm not sure how to give God the ok, to take my burden.
I know I must...
And I know that it has to be done, 
I will break under the weight.
I take this plunge and I give my hearts woes to you my Abba
The lover of my soul, my  mighty conquerer, and  the lifter of my Burdens.
The Freedom we feel in the 
shelter, protection and strength of our Saviour
Tonight is quiet... can't sleep.

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