Monday, August 15, 2011


So... I have been waiting for our Daughter to arrive since we found 
out we were expecting in December. 
I decided I wasn't going to sit around and twiddle my thumbs... :/
We had decided we would find out the gender in order that we might be 
a little more prepared, considering  we are living on a tight budget since  Willie is in school. 
There is always a test that needs payed for, books to be bought or the silly little expense 
of an extra class that needs payed for "right now!"
But there is a wait to find out ... and I had to find some way to keep busy 
I do have a part time job with my church, caring for  
"my kids"... The ones whose parents are in choir or orchestra. But that is 
only twice a week and special occasions.
I wanted to make baby things, but without knowing it was kind of hard.
I have a lot of friends who are pregnant or are having babies, or had babies...
so I started there. :) 
And this is where I learned that waiting can be a blessing.
I learned a lot about baby stuff, and sewing. 
I found a lot of fun projects to make for baby gifts.  
Then when the time came I started working on my own  baby stuff
which helped with the other end of waiting, but if I had never taken advantage 
of the beginning  part I would never have had the chance to  practice on my sewing.

So now that I have only 9 days or less for baby to come I will view it as a blessing
get some rest, try to get a few  last minute things done and just enjoy this few 
days with my husband, before baby and before He starts back to school.

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  1. Found your blog and picture of Victorian baby clothes while researching for a micro miniature baby doll I'm making. Loved the pictures. Much happiness with your daughter.


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