Monday, February 13, 2012

Swag Bucks!

So I'm not big on joining websites for things because  they always draw you in then get you to do stupid things that end up costing you bunches of money. Not to mention it usually is a big waste of time you don't have. 
I had been hearing a lot of stuff about swag bucks and thought... ok maybe I will try it, 
I had gotten a kindle for Christmas  and love for the fact I usually find some pretty good deals.
I signed up and that was when I became hooked.
I thought, well If I can get amazon gift cards for free that is at least is worth a little extra time...
besides... I already search a lot , I might as well get something out of it. :) 
Its fairly easy to get the swag bucks and doesn't cost anything if you use the search and swag-bucks tv.
now i don't have a lot of time to just sit at the computer especially with a growing, bouncy, giggly baby girl who loves to monopolize all mama's time. 
But here is where my new favorite gadget comes in... 
my kindle fire has a web feature where I can get on and search... 
I cant watch the videos but just clicking on them gets me points. 
Sometimes I search a little while I nurse  Aurora. or 
in the evening  when we watch tv. 
I have already gotten two gift cards  and almost have enough  for two more.
so its not that bad. :) rather enjoyable when you get stuff for nothing. :)
 helps on the pocket book too. :)
So I will continue to use swag bucks . 

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