Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Colors, Colors, Colors! :)

I Never Thought picking the colors of my House would  be so hard... Lol
So Let's Start on the place, Girls dream about most. :) The....
Well I had originally thought I would do Ivy Green and White... 
But I couldn't find the dishes I wanted, in the colors I wanted. :( 
So I decide to Go with I Thought I would 
Blue and White

I Thought I would show some of my favorite pictures for 


I love the colors in this picture, but  my aversion is the checkers... 
 not my cup of tea... But I do think it is a pretty kitchen, just not y style... :)

The next Room I  started to work with was the 
Living room....
Mom had sewed together a blanket top and had given it to me to finish,
just scraps she was using up, but  it turned out beautiful, 
And I think every living room should have a "snuggle blanket"
(especially someone who gets cold ALL the time )
Anyway I liked it so much, I decided to use it fr my living room colors
Hues of Green 


Brown, and Tan

Here are some pictures to
 Dream on...

The Bathroom was pretty easy to pick out the colors.... :)
And it was a sign that we should go with these colors,
When Jaymz got back from Indonesia and gave me a 
a sea shell "curtain"
(The strings of shells that you hang up in the window or a doorway.)
Yep, You guessed It! :)

The Colors of the sea
The colors to make you feel clean, fresh and wonderful
You'd almost think the sea was just out your door... 

And what ever  may be, This is not going to be my bathroom...
There is nothing wrong with it in essence, I'm just not fond of it... 
I like the clean, not so cluttered look of the above pictures, but this is too much...

The Next room I really had fun...
Our Bedroom.
I wanted it to be a romantic setting, a sanctuary, 
a comfort,and it had to have touches of charm and beauty... 
So the colors I picked were 

Burgundy,  a light jade green
Dark Green, and light pink,

I added the soft pinks and light Jades,  because the two dark colors were a tad bit overwhelming 

So There you have it... the Color's of my House.

I hope you Enjoyed the little journey as much as I did... I always have fun creating, and creating is the Journey! :)


  1. What a vibrant house you will have. I love the living room colors. Those are my type. Caitlin

  2. Thank You. :) One of Willie's favorite colors is green (Any Shade) I tried to incorporate as much of that as possible. :) I wanted him to feel comfortable in his own home... :) Since He didn't grow up with any girls, excepting Mom, He as a real dislike for fluff and furbelows... So I tried to choose colors that are simple, YET feminine at the same time.... If I did fluffy ribbony (Yes, I made that word up! lol), girly things He would never forgive me lol :) So we met in the middle and I love how things are going to turn out. :)

  3. Very pretty colors! I love your choices for the bedrooms!

  4. Thanks Hannah. :) I really enjoyed picking out the colors. :) We won't get a house pretty soon, but it will be nice to have our stuff look "Color coordinated!" lol ^_^


Thank you for all of your Lovely comments. ^_^