Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding Update

Don't really feel like blogging, but feel I need to get at least this post out. :) 
As all of you may already know
Willie and I moved the wedding date up to 
August 21st, 2010
A small family affair, nothing like what It was turning into... 
The wedding colors are:
Burgundy, Black, Silver, and White

The wedding party:

Bride: Me of course! ;) 
Groom: The man my heart loves... <3
Maid of Honor: My sis... ^_^
Bridesmaid: My really good friend Mim. ^_^
Best Man: Willie's  Middle Brother
Groomsman: Matt Willie's youngest Brother... A really cool "Bil" ^_^
Ring Bearer: Bradyn LaRoy, an Awesome little dude and friend.
Flower Girl: A Great Niece, And a Wonderful little girl. 
Brides Parents: Mama and Daddy (They will always be that.^_^ )
 Grooms Parents: Mom and Dad (My new parents still really cool! ^_^)
Honorable mentions: 
Jeff and Seth (Two Awesomeness musicians, who will play during the candle lighting ceremony.  ) 
To all the Awesome friends and Family who are coming,and Bringing Food to boot! :) 
Special mentions:
To all the family and friends that could not make it, or that we had to "drop" Because of space and expenses
And really did want you to come... But we are thinking of you guys,and ask the Lord to Bless you for understanding why we chose to do this. ^_^ 
We will post pictures and such for your enjoyment,and maybe we can get a video circulating around, of the wedding.. ^_^ 
With all my Love,


  1. oh Hooray! You guys will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. I would so love to see pictures. What an exciting thing!

  2. Thanks. :) I will deffinately try to post them after We get back from the honeymoon! :) I will be posting them on facebook too. :)

  3. can hardly wait til that special day... you've waited so long you deserve all the best. Willie is really great guy. Love, Liz


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