Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Romance.... ;)

I figured  I would bring a whole new meaning to the word "summer romance". 
Have you ever noticed that every two to five years a whirlwind of weddings happens?

I am a very romantic person at heart and ever since I was a little girl I have enjoyed going to, reading, and hearing about weddings. :)

The only disappointment as I got older that it was my wedding not among them lol... :) 
A girl has to have a dream right? ;)

Anyway this summer started out like any other... maybe a few rumors of weddings nothing big. :)

Well around June and July the invites started pouring in... 
So I think  we can say the whirlwind has begun!

There are at least a half dozen maybe more....  I think closer to ten or eleven
With four being on the same day.

my love and I's

A close friend and her man

An acquaintance and her fiance 

Not to mention the friend of a friend and her guy. 

Anyway we had no idea that it would work out like that lol crazy huh? 
the fact that It seems "suitable"  to  have your wedding at a certain  season... 
To me the difference....
Is part of this years wedding season and I am just ticked pink that it is... 
I so do not have to wait another silly 
Year to be titled 
The MRS.

The weddings Range from July to September

So Here is to all the Bride-to-Be's 
The Nervous Grooms 
And all the Fun Planning, Crazy time Schedules and the Lovely,wonderful, Joy of becoming One.
May The Lord Bless all those getting married and may you grow in him and 
closer to each other as you embark on this newest of journeys in your life. :)
As my Aunt said to me
<3 "May you Be Happy, Live, Love, Pray N Play! " <3

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