Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To use or not to use that is the question!


To Use or NOT to Use...
That is the Question!
I am writing this because I inadvertently set in motion a slightly heated debate.
Now I am not one to purposely put something up to cause an argument, or debate, but this is kind of important...
It started with the posting of a picture of a MOBY WRAP
Anyway,  the concern was of suffocating of the infant
which, can very well happen, but can also happen with
other baby products even if used right-------------. 

The subject I want to address here is the middle ground.
what I mean by this is:
 rather than being the overly worried, over protective, and non joyful mama
or even the careless, non-responsible and neglectful mama.
We choose to be the mama that is informed, joyful and confident.

I once had a girlfriend that with her first child she practically 
sanitized the poor baby she was so afraid of germs...
she was such a stickler, that she made you wash your hands 
before you could even get near her little tyke.
this is a classic case of allowing fear to control your life.
of being so afraid that you don't enjoy your baby. 

Than there are mothers who could care less about there 
children. who knowingly allow their children to be placed 
in a dangerous situation... 

I'm not saying this person who voiced the opinion  was an over
protective mama,In fact far from it she is a great mama, but it got me thinking about things,
and wondering if sometimes we even as regular everyday
parents don't sometimes go overboard in some things.

Now obviously you wouldn't subject your child to something such as this....
Note: this is a gag I found on the internet... :/

But, the key to things I think are
 #1 the seeking guidance from God. That is super important.
I know as expectant parents my husband and I sometimes have
uncertainties Our goal is to rely on our Heavenly Father and the wisdom
of others who have gone before us
#2 And using common sense. Don't allow someones fears and insecurities 
to rule your life. 
#3:  Be informed. know what your children are using and you are using for 
your children.

I won't say anymore on that because each person is led down a different 
path The Lord leads each of us and convicts us differently

But whether it be a crib or baby carrier  the most important thing
should always be, before you buy do your research check the pro's and cons of a product
and always know the risks. So anyway, 
thanks for listening to my ramblings and being patient with me while 
I got my babbling done. :)

with Love,


  1. Excellent post, thank you! It seems to me that the Moby wrap must be made with some breathability, but that's beside the point here. I totally agree with your statements. As tempting as it will be as new mommies, we can't save our babies from every germ, fall, or bump on the head. If we did, imagine what they're reaction would be when they're all grown up and get injured for the first time?

  2. Thank you, I the moby wrap is made of jersey knit so it does have breathable material, but you are right it will be very hard to resist the urge to go overboard with the protecting of your child even now I have to calm myself when I think about everything that could happen even with just making it to 40 weeks of pregnancy. and yes... that would be very frighting to someone to experience as an adult for the first time.... completely new experiences that are not pleasurable!


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