Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby's first picture....


The other day we went for our march Doctors visit. :)
all went well and my blood work came back clear. 
The doctor went to check our little punkin's heartbeat...
Well He/She had other plans... my oh my.
The baby decided to play a little game of hide and seek...
We tried like three of four times and kept picking up my heartbeat...
at first I was just fine no worries...
But then we sat the lobby for about twenty minutes waiting for the 
ultra-sound room... 
Then the Worry hit me. and for about five or ten minutes
 I was scared not being able to hear the little heartbeat. 
To me it has been a reassuring thing knowing my 
baby's heart is still beating and that He/She  is OK
But is was Awesome to see the baby, 
and witness the amazing creation God is forming in my womb.


  1. That is so sweet and exciting! It's amazing to see your little one. Can't wait to feel ours. (haven't decided on ultrasound yet)

  2. I think you can get one, just make sure that you tell them you don't want to know what the gender is (If that is indeed what you want). We are planning on finding out, but for us it is a practical thing. With Willie's school w e are really careful with money, because we never know when we will have unexpected school bills or when he will have a "new book" to order, and it was just a relaxing thought knowing that they are capable of knowing for sure, so we can be ready when baby is here. :)

  3. I meant that if that's what you were worried about... Finding the Gender out. lol ^_^


Thank you for all of your Lovely comments. ^_^