Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Music For the Wedding. :)

Hello! :)
As, most of you know, once you get to know me, 
I love music... 
All kinds, can't really choose a favorite,
but I do love it. 
I used to listen to music for hours
Particularity love songs.
I would dream for hours about dancing with my new husband
and all that. :) 
Well, I won't have the traditional "first dance"
But I did pick out music for the ceremony
and thought about it long and hard...
After all It has to be 'just perfect' After all... ;)
Even if your day is not perfect, 
The music can still hold special meaning for you and your new spouse.
The first song that we are going to use is from one of my favorite movies.
I grew up watching it and always loved the score. :)
Little Women~ Orchard house
This song will be used when everyone walks up. :)

this next song is going to be played when I walk up. :)
Libera~ Sanctus

The next song will be played  during the candle lighting ceremony
Only my brother, my friend Seth, and my friend Miriam will be playing it. :)
It's a beautiful song of commitment, and this is the message 
we want to get across, to those who will be attending, and even those around us.
We are COMMITTED to our marriage. :)
When I said I Do~ Clint Black

The Song We are walking out to is going to be 
Taylor Swift's Song 'Love Story'

We chose this song because it is fun and sweet.
And Happy. :) And happy is always good at a wedding. :)

With all my love,


  1. Oh, isn't it fun to pick those out? I like your choices. Ridge told me he wants Love Story, but we'll probably sneak it into the reception. :-)

  2. I love your choices!!! I bet your wedding will be wonderful!

    In Christ,
    Alayney M.

  3. Thanks. :) If you click in the pictures it takes you to the songs on youtube. :) I really enjoyed picking them out! :)


Thank you for all of your Lovely comments. ^_^