Thursday, January 6, 2011


   So the other day we went to go get my Tenn care appointment taken care of
and they sent us over to the health department,
to take the official pregnancy test.
It only took a few moments and I was in and out...
Well If any of you have met my husband or
even been on his facebook
you know what kind of sense of humor he truly has... 
He looks at me and says... 
you didn't take the test...
(despite the fact that he has seen two pregnancy
test I have taken prior lol  ^_^ )
You paid them five dollars to say it was positive.
Your not pregnant, your just Fat! :) :-D 
The things husbands say lol ;) 
I love my husband dearly, and he definately will keep me giggling for the rest of my life.
He will make an awesome daddy, and we both can't wait to meet our  lil' punkin' :)

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