Sunday, January 30, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes....

      As many of you know, I work with children. 
They are a big part of my life, and I want them to be even after Willie and i have our own.
Many of them now know that I am pregnant are are pretty exited, but two in paticular, really have made my day and even week. I met their family when the oldest Mary was just a baby. I used to attend the same church, and have watched them grow from babies to active happy children. Mary and Joel are the oldest, with Dave and Matt adding to the family.So both Mary and Joel know about The other day I was talking to them abbabies, or at least that they stay in the tummy until It's time to be born. out the baby,              
they are so very excited and can't wait until they can hold and play        
with the baby. I asked them if they knew how big the baby was... They both shook their head....I told them that  the baby was the size of a an olive or a little bigger...their eyes got big, and they smiled really big! :)  Mary's response was, "Really!?"  Joel's was way cute...he shook his head and said 
"nu-huh, babies are this big. "*put his hands out as if he had a big baby belly. ^_^*
I laughed and said that babies had to grow that big , that they started out really small and grew bigger.

I then told them that the baby  was growing fingernails on  his/her tiny fingers
that there was this fuzzy hair growing all over the baby to protect his/her skin
while in my tummy... they loved getting to find out all this about  the baby,
The fun part was that they went around the house after that 
telling everyone that Jessica's baby was the size of an olive and had finger nails! Amazing what children will say and take with them.



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