Saturday, January 22, 2011


 There is a little Children's boutique here in Cookeville  that is just the sweetest 
there is. A friend of mine from church owns it, and does a lot of the wonderful embroidery
on many of the outfits they sell. 
Not only do they do personalized embroidery they also sell some really great and useful items 
 that I can't wait to try out... :) 
 Here are some of their delightful items I have run across. :)

This is just a few  of the fun items they have... 
The other day We were driving into town and my darling husband surprised me with a visit to the little store.
Days early I had expressed a wish to go see the fun stuff, but up til now I felt it would be silly to just go 
and look with no baby on the way, and never really thought about going when Stella or Everitt were babies.
Just thought I would share the fun little spot we here at home.

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